Monday Night Fielding Classes

This class will increase the skill level of the athlete’s fielding and throwing abilities. It will also develop and improve their field presence and awareness in a constant motion and high energy environment.

The classes are designed to emphasize and build upon the necessary skills a collegiate coach will expect today's athlete to demonstrate proficiency in.

Fielding classes are only held on Mondays.  The class is 1 hour and the cost is $30.00.  The class is indoors on the turf.  Please wear tennis/or turf shoes.

No refunds or rollovers for fielding purchases.  You can sell your spot if you are unable to attend-make sure your replacement gives your name when checking in. All students must have a Mindbody account and a waiver.  For instructions please email

5:00 & 6:00 pm class is for 12U players only. You must be currently playing in the 12U Division.  They will spend increased time on throwing and catching techniques.  This class will challenge the athlete on their footwork, glove and throwing skills.

7:00 pm class is for 14U players only. You must be currently playing in the 14U Division. This is an elevated level of the 6:00 pm class with an increased level of action geared towards young high school players.

8:00 pm class is for advanced 16U/18U players. This is an advanced paced class geared towards athletes capable of competing at the 18U level. Must have prior approval from Mike Stith if younger than 16U.

You will be able to start signing up after 9:00 am the Tuesday before fielding class day. Please email to request a spot in the class.  We will accept the first 20 sign-ups for each class.


Fielding Class Schedule

  • 12U :5:00 PM
  • 12U :6:00 PM
  • 14U :7:00 PM
  • 16U/18U :8:00 PM

You must be currently playing in the division you register

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Sports Training Complex was founded to develop and advance elite softball and baseball athletes to their highest levels of success. By combining traditional fundamental skills training in hitting, fielding, and catching along with speed and power techniques to challenge today's top level athletes. By combining old school fundamentals with the latest in speed and power training we have set the bar to its highest level in order to prepare the athlete for the next level of competition.

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