Welcome to Sports Training Complex

Sports Training Complex was founded to develop and advance elite baseball and softball athletes to their highest levels of success. By combining traditional fundamental skills training in hitting and fielding along with speed and power techniques to challenge today’s top level athletes. By combining old school fundamentals with the latest in speed and power training we have set the bar to its highest level in order to prepare the athlete for the next level of competition.

Recent Signings/Commitments

2012 Signings

Emily Lockman Tennessee
Taylor Ybarra Cal State San Marcos
Madison Osias Mississippi
Nicole Delgado Towson
Sarah Moore Missouri
Sierra Romero Michigan
Lauren Young Arizona
Brittany Moaei UCLA
Nancy Bowling Arizona
Alexis Bennett UCLA
Erika Campbell Oklahoma State
Mandie Perez Arizona
Selena Pola Long Beach State
Brittney Rodriguez UCLA
Libby Pederson Utah State
Nicole Schroeder Arkansas
Stephanie Lord Boston College

2013 Commitments

Delaney Spaulding UCLA
Kailtlyn Fitzgerald St. Johns
Sashel Palacios Arizona State
Hannah Flippen Utah
Justine McLean Florida
Michelle Floyd Arizona
Kalea Snaer South Carolina
Taylor Keonig Tennessee
Jade Vecvenags Illinois
Marjani Knighten Nebraska
Alcy Bush Northwestern
Olivia Martinez Cal State Fullerton
Stacey Cavazos UCSB
Katiyana Mauga Arizona

2014 Commitments

Taylor Swearingen Michigan
Janell Wheaton Florida
Brooke Marquez Northwestern
Shianne Ybarra Tennessee
Maddie Jelanicki UCLA
Ayianna Leal-Robles George Washington

2015 Commitments

Tannon Snow Arizona State
Sydney Romero Oklahoma
Falepalimo Aviu Oklahoma,
Morganne Flores Washington
Paige Halstead UCLA
Fa Leilua Washington
Amanda Lorenz Florida
Taylor McQuillen Oklahoma State
Ashley Diaz Arkansas
Marshalee Knighten Oklahoma